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Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> I don't know if you've been told why yet, but juno.com is a major source
> of amateur spam - chain letters, christmail (HOW do you guys expect to
> braing me to Jeezis by annoying me?), etc., by virtue of the anonymity of
> the accounts.  Your _site_ may have been shut out by this listserver or
> listserver site, and may have nothing to do with you personally.

This has little to do with the topic of the list, but back when I was
employed by the company which owns Juno, our biggest public relations
problem was people who faked spam to appear that it came from Juno,
not spam which actually came from Juno. The accounts are not
anonymous, and Juno's postmasters will kill accounts if you complain
about them. The one feature that Juno offers that no one else does
(that I know of) is free dial-up -- many companies offer free email if
you already have web access, but Juno offers free email to anyone with
a computer and a modem. That's why you'll find entire sca groups with
juno return addresses.

-- Greg Lindahl
.. perhaps the only scadian ever employed by D. E. Shaw & Co.
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