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blow force & acknoledgement

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>


I too will crank up my force levels if a person whom
I am fighting does not ackowledge the first blows that
I have struck. But there is a limit that I do not pass
even though I am physically capable of it. I will not
throw a blow that I think will cause an injury to my
opponent. This is not simply because I am such a nice
guy but because we have a rule againt this behavior in

Because we have a rule against excessive force we don't
have 90% rules for greatsword or polearm. Any one who has
trained to use such a weapon does not need 90% of swing
to hit too hard. Many valid techniques involve moving the
blade over 270% but the weapon should be under control and
if people are getting hurt a fighter must change what he
is doing or be stoped fom using that weapon form.

There is one meta-rule that is not in the rules of the list
but is what the rules are derived from. That is, we are playing
with our friends and we do not wish anyone to be injured.

Personnaly I set what I will take as a killing blow well
below my threshold for pain. This does not mean that I take
anything that touches me. A blow must land solidly and impart
some force for me to think that it is good. But I try to
armor myself well and I don't need to hurt to know that
I was beaten. Of course in the excitement and confusion of
a meley it is easy to make mistakes. I know that I have and
I suspect that every experienced fighter will remember several.

There is a tendency for force levels in hitting and ackowledgement
to creep up. The mashalate and the Chivalry should be observing
and take leadership to bring moderation from time to time. This
has happened in the past and it will happen in the future. Office
and rank has it obligations and this kind of leadership is one
of them.

I assume that everyone in the list or on the field is honorable
nad if I notice a mistake I assume just that. It was a mistake,
not someone cheating. I may with courtesey bring the mistake to
the fighter's attention and if I make a mistake I hope that my
friends with me or opposing me will do the same.

Cheating sometimes happens but fortunately it is rare.

(hey Malcolm do you have any more sermons to preach?
 Yeah, but this is enough for now.)

	Malcolm MacMalcolm
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