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Re: Holding name (was:Re: Submissions)

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> >However, someone else told me recently that no, you could actually send
> >off your arms to be registered even if you haven't done so with your name
> >yet, as they will assign you a holding name until such time as your actual
> >name is submitted.
> Someone evidently misunderstood their herald.  Laurel Queen-of-Arms has her
> staff currently working on an FAQ of misinformation about heraldry.  If
> anyone else has heard this, PLEASE contact me personally so that I can
> determine if this is a widespread error or just one instance!

The way I heard it, when you enter Society you are entitled (if
that's the right word) to having <your mundane first name> + "of"
+ <the name of your local branch> as your name.

BTW, my brother, mka Robert Hopkins, the younger of two Roberts
living in the Shire of Eisental (mka Allentown, PA) in AS XXI
(mka 1986), documented and registered the name "Young Robert of

-- Alfredo el Bufon
"We love parties here in Irondale:
 Party per bend, party per pale.
 And we're living here in Irondale."
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