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Re: Holding name (was:Re: Submissions)

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Alfredo:
> The way I heard it, when you enter Society you are entitled (if
> that's the right word) to having <your mundane first name> + "of"
> + <the name of your local branch> as your name.

You're not *entitled* to it. The Rules for Submission currently allow you
to register such a name without needing to document the parts, but if the
specific combination poses another problem, it'll get returned. Consider,
for example, someone mundanely named John living in the Atlantian group
named Hawkwood; "John of Hawkwood" conflicts with a rather famous period
military leader, and the name would be returned on that basis. (This is in
fact a true story, somewhat simplified for brevity.)

> BTW, my brother, mka Robert Hopkins, the younger of two Roberts
> living in the Shire of Eisental (mka Allentown, PA) in AS XXI
> (mka 1986), documented and registered the name "Young Robert of
> Eisental".

Hey, my (mundane) parents live there... as did I for a time.

Viking Varsity Golf Team (mundanely, but Norsemen playing golf isn't
at all far-fetched...)

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