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Re: coat of arms

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

> Poster: Ann Shelton <"sheltons@conterra.com"@conterra.com>
> If the offensive (and obviously conflicting) non-registered device is on
> the field......when I was a herald, I had good cooperation with the
> marshallate and have asked that they have the fighter use another shield
> that day.  If the person is blatant about it and has refused to
> cooperate with the gentle on site who conflicts, they had no problem
> with this.  Comments, marshals?

Since you asked...

I don't think policing heraldry is something the marshals should be or
become involved in.  Our primary goal is the safety of the fighters. 
While it may be discourteous to blow off a herald's request the not bear
a specific device on the field, it is not really a safety issue.

A better avenue would be to approach someone that individual respects and
ask them to intercede in the matter (i.e., their knight/pelican/laurel/head
of houshold/baron) if there is one.  Remember to be courteous, just
because someone does something that you find offensive is no reason to
become offensive.  And, two sets of the same hearaldry on the field at the
same time, while confusing maybe to us, is very medieval.


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