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Re: coat of arms

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Ann Shelton wrote:

> > If the offensive (and obviously conflicting) non-registered device is on
> > the field......when I was a herald, I had good cooperation with the
> > marshallate and have asked that they have the fighter use another shield
> > that day.  If the person is blatant about it and has refused to
> > cooperate with the gentle on site who conflicts, they had no problem
> > with this.  Comments, marshals?

And Galmr responded:
> I don't think policing heraldry is something the marshals should be or
> become involved in.  Our primary goal is the safety of the fighters. 
> While it may be discourteous to blow off a herald's request the not bear
> a specific device on the field, it is not really a safety issue.

I agree with Galmr completely.  It is not the business of the marshals if
you tell them that a combatant has stolen your arms, your girlfriend, or
your underwear.  They are fighting-safety officers, not general purpose


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