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Re: "Born on the List Field"

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Quoth William of Falestone,

W> One of the highlights of Novice Tourney was the music. Does anyone have the
W> lyrics to "Born on the List Field," the song his majesty sang during the
W> feast. I'm not sure if that is really the name of it, but it is in the
W> chorus. I know the chorus from hearing HM sing it at Country Faire and would
W> love to have all the lyrics if anyone knows them

Respondeth James of Westmorland,
J> [...]  You did get the title right, 
J> however, we cannot give you the lyrics.  When this song was created, its 
J> composer expressly requested that the song never be written down, but 
J> only passed on by word of mouth.  I do not recall who wrote it, but he is 
J> still around and active in the SCA, from everything I've heard, and is 
J> still strongly set against this song being written down.  Until he 
J> changes his mind, I suggest we abide by his wishes.  Sorry.

I recall the composer's name, but I can't tell you it because
he wishes that his name never be written down.  I'm pretty sure
he doesn't want it carried over telephone lines, either.  Just
ask me in person; I'm the one wearing per pale blue and white.

-- Alfredo el Bufon

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