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Re: Crocheting (was Re: Tatting)

Poster: Dick Eney <dickeney@access.digex.net>

On Fri, 16 May 1997 PAEmrys@aol.com (Prydain) wrote:
> Poster: PAEmrys@aol.com
> Greetings good Gentles,
>      I am no expert on the needle work of period.  I did hear however that a
> young woman in Drachenwald has found a 15th century reference for crocheting.
>  Her name is Lady Christina and she has recently moved to Ansteorra.
>  Unfortunately I do not know the reference by name.  I know that it was in an
> old German text in the University library either in Mannheim or Heidleberg.
>  Sorry I don't have any more information than this but as I said this is not
> my feild.

Thank you!  Any scraps of information about the history of crocheting are
of interest.

In a translation (which someone called a bad translation) of
Irene Turnau's book, _The Diffusion of Knitting in Medieval Europe_, she
says crocheting was done in Poland and Latvia:  "The modest quantity of
knitted relics discovered in Poland and Latvia does not permit any
generalisation on the diffusion of hand knitting.  That the technique was
known is indisputable, and both it and crocheting were much in use." (pg.
381) This statement is footnoted: G. Mikolajczyk, 'Poczatki dziewiarstwa w
Polsce' (The beginnings of knitting in Poland), Z Otchl(t?)ani Wiekow,
XXII (1953), pp.157-159. 

=Tamar the Gypsy (sharing account dickeney@access.digex.net)

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