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Re: April and May kingdom returns

Poster: Michael and MJ Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>


Melys inquired:
> > Finn Mac Iolair - name and device - name undocumentable
> > Finn Mac Iolair - badge - no name (NOTE:  A name must be registered before
> > or in conjunction with any armory submissions.  If the name is returned, so
> > must be the armory.)
> i'm confused...  (and everybody choruses "and this is different HOW?")  i
> thought that under certain circumstances a holding name - ie, finn of
> wherever-he's-from - would be registered if a name didn't pass, and i
> thought that the holding names were created specifically so that a device
> could still be considered if the name bounced.  did i dream this?  or am i
> conflating two entirely separate processes?  please enlighten me as to the
> error of my ways...  

You are correct that under certain circumstances a holding name will be
formed. However, those circumstances did not occur. Only Laurel can form
a holding name. Since the name was returned in-kingdom, the device had to 
be returned as well. Your confusion is not at all uncommon. 


What I meant to say was...lots of people exhibit that same confusion over
the same point... :)

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