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Re: Heraldic Help

Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@catharsis.com>

> For example, the shire of Hammerhold has the following device/badge:
> Sable, a hammer Or entwined with kudzu vine (Pueraria thumbergia) proper,
> within a laurel wreath Or.
> Raise your hand if you can draw kudzu well enough that it can be correctly
> identified from the drawing alone.  Now raise your hand if you know kudzu
> well enough to recognize it from a well-drawn picture.
> I'm sure it can be done, but I'll bet there was a note on the submission
> form that
> said something like, "This is kudzu."

True, but in this case, I would expect that 'kudzu' is merely there for
the artist's convenience.  IMO, there would be no difference, heraldically
speaking, between a kudzu vine and any other sort of vine.  Plus, the
device was registered in 1980 -- 17 years ago.  From what I understand,
SCAdian heraldry has gotten more 'period' then they have been in the past
(in the sense of how things are blazoned -- I doubt seriously any period
herald would have included the scientific name of a charge in their
blazon) ;-)

Also, as a previous email just mentioned (I expect this one of yours
passed the other one in transit) there apaprently was in fact *no* note of
'this is a goat' on the submission in question.


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