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re:searching for oversize photo albums

Poster: anne carey <afcarey@norfolk.infi.net>

>>>I'm slowly collecting a set of color copies of various scrolls that I
wanted to put in an oversized photo album.  The idea is not only to
carry this around but to  make copies for the various scriptoriums in
the kingdom.  Before I do lots of legwork (too late really) I wanted to
know if anybody knew of a cheap source for such things.  I try to get
color copies of work that is 8 1/2 X 11 (thanks Genevieve and Eldred!)
but I also have other scrolls that are 11 X 14, etc.  Any source ideas
would be greatly appreciated.  Especially if you know it's at least a
regional chain.  I haven't seen anything at our local Pier1 or

I can provide you with buffered, acid-free, lignen-free photo-safe
scrapbook albums in a variety of sizes.  The largest I have is 12"x15".

E-mail me if you would like more information as I don't subscribe to the
merry rose....

Hope I can help,
Anne Elizabeth
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