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Re: Terms of address (fwd)

Poster: "Michael S. McCollum" <eadric@visi.net>

Craig Levin wrote:

> > to style themselves as "Sir". I believe "Domina" could refer to any
> > woman in latin.
> Prowess, of course, is one of the virtues necessary in a
> knight-his or her skill in arms and their warlike attitude.
> You have, however, confused "femina" and "domina," the one being
> a simple noun, and the other an honorific.

You are, of course, quite correct. In my haste, I neglected to add "in
the SCA". By which, I meant those of noble birth and it's use as an
honorific. My bad.... thanks

who expected everyone would know what he "meant", not what he "wrote.
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