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[Fwd: Re: baronial awards was (RE: Golden Dolphin and Pearl)]

Forgot to cc this!

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Bran wrote,
<snip> some of that actually happens in
> Atlantia.  I know that several people in Sacred Stone have awards and/or
> Orders from Nottinghill Coill and Sacred Stone has given awards and Orders to
> people in both the Shires of Crannog Mor and Hindscroft for exceptional
> service and A&S.

(Jocetta adds her two cents)

When I lived in the East, in the Barony Beyond the Mountain, we had two
service awards, the Order of the White Oak for baronial members, and the
Order of the Sun and Soil, awarded to non-baronial members who served
the barony "...because the sun and soil, while not of the oak, nourish
it and help it grow stong and thrive."  

Perhaps it's a rather artificial distinction but I thought it was quite
a nice way of handling this.


Lady Jocetta Thrushleigh

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