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Re: tent testimonial

Poster: anne carey <afcarey@norfolk.infi.net>

John Strauss wrote:
> Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

> Ooooh! I'm familiar with the tent in question. $450 is a steal. Somebody
> who needs a pavilion go get that or you will regret it later.
> [mumble grumble] I just bought 50 yards of canvas, 12' of 2x2 oak, and
> arranged to use an industrial sewing machine, or I would be thinking real
> hard about "$500 and I'll pick it up from you at Pennsic".
> -Henry the Reluctant Sailmaker

My dearest Henry,

Thankyou for the lovely testimonial on our pavillion.But guess what? 
It's gone...so too the beds...My head is still spinning...  

Now if I can just reduce the number of fabric boxes from six to
something workable, Pascal will be a *very* happy man!

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