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Re: Many Questions - Boffering

Poster: rosine <rosine@wwisp.com>

Robin A Jensen wrote:

> > As far as I've been able to find out, there are no kingdom-wide
> boffer
> > regulations in Atlantia yet.  If there are, please tell me!
> Where have you inquired? Yes, there are some "standards" in
> development
> Kingdom-wide, compliments of the hard work of our former Kingdom
> Chatelaine, Lady Rosine of Rowanwald. See me when you get the chance,
> and I
> will give you the goods.

Thank you for the kind word, Lord Robin, and if I may be so bold as to
address this thread, I've found that small "boogie boards" are priced
right, shaped right, and firm enough to be excelent shields.  BTW, the
kingdom guidelines are printed in the "Kingdom Chatelaine's Handbook",
some draft copies of which are floating about.

In service,
(who's eyes are going crossed from trying to catch up on 1700+
messages... NEVER stay subscribed to the list when you're going to be
gone for four weeks!)

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