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Re: Sekanjabin

Poster: Tom Brady <tabrady@mindspring.com>

At 05:25 PM 8/21/97 -0500, one of the Eogans wrote:
>I use red wine vinegar with mine.  The syrup itself lasts forever and
>needs no refrigeration (great for Pennsic).  I just mix with water as I
>need it.  One batch usually lasts me and 3-4 other people the whole war,
>as it makes several gallons, and we suppliment it with other drinks like
>water and lemonade.  I like to mix it with enough water to kill the
>vinegar taste, but that is personal preference, some like it really

Unless I misremember, Cariadoc also has a recipe for this in his
Miscellany, for comparison purposes. I've heard of trying this with
fruit-flavored vinegars, as well. One thing that I tried that others seemed
to like is to add a little (*very* little) rose water to the syrup to take
the edge off the vinegar - be careful, 'cause it's easy to put in too much
rose water! Also, exotic mints, such as lemon mint or chocolate mint (yes,
there really is such a thing!) also work well with this.


P.S. - I'll be traveling and away from email for the next week or so
(sob!). If you email me and get no response, it doesn't mean that I'm
ignoring you, I just can't hear you ;-)
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