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Re: Sekanjabin

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.Mitre.org>

Eogan put forth:
> Sekanjabin
> Dissolve 4 cups of sugar in 2 1/2 cups water.
> When it comes to a boil, add 1 cup wine vinegar.
> Simmer for 1/2 hour.
> Add a handful of fresh mint leaves, remove from heat, and cool.
> Remove mint leaves and dilute to taste with water.
> BTW, I'm told this drink comes from Persia.

Duncan returned with:
>Unless I misremember, Cariadoc also has a recipe for this in his
>Miscellany, for comparison purposes. 

  Having just made a batch (well, two) for Pennsic, I believe that the 
above recipe is the one from Cariadoc's Miscellany (which I use).  He 
also notes the following...

   Note: This is the only recipe in the _Miscelleny_ that is based on a
   modern source: _A Book of Middle Eastern Food_, by Claudia Roden.
   Sekanjabin is a period drink; it is mentioned in the _Fihrist_ of
   al-Nadim, which was written in the tenth century. The only period
   recipe I have found for it (in the Andalusian cookbook) is called
   "Sekanjabin Simple" and omits the mint. It is one of a large variety
   of similar drinks described in that cookbook-flavored syrups intended
   to be diluted in either hot or cold water before drinking.

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