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Re: Sekanjabin

Poster: Sallie Montuori <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

[the big snip]
>  I've heard of trying this with
> fruit-flavored vinegars, as well.

Raspberry vinegar with no mint has always been a big hit.  I've tried
adding the same amount of raspberry juice in addition to the vinegar,
but I had some concern about the keeping quality.  Anybody out there
have any experience in preservation?

>  One thing that I tried that others seemed
> to like is to add a little (*very* little) rose water to the syrup to take
> the edge off the vinegar - be careful, 'cause it's easy to put in too much
> rose water!

How much is "a little"?  A teaspoon?  Two drops?  Although I like the
faint edge of the vinegar -- I find it a refreshing change from the
cloying sweetness of many drinks -- I am very fond of rose flavor!

>  Also, exotic mints, such as lemon mint or chocolate mint (yes,
> there really is such a thing!) also work well with this.

One of my standbys is cider vinegar and orange mint.  And, to
reinforce what Herveus said, the more mint, the better (unless you
don't like mint).  I adore his chocolate mint with balsamic vinegar! 
Although I must admit, I'll pass on peppermint.

And, again agreeing with Herveus, I think a bit more water makes a
better drink.  However, if you tend to find yourself pouring warm
syrup into mugs full of ice, the closer proportion makes sense.

> Regards,
> Duncan

   Alys of Foxdale          Shire of Stierbach, Kingdom of Atlantia
 mka Sallie Montuori               Chantilly, Virginia, USA

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