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Re: Coronation and Pointless War

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

Brett W. McCoy (bmccoy@CapAccess.org) did utter the following on 8/22/97 
8:02 AM:

>> I believe Kingdom Crusades is what used to be known as the Pointless
>> War.  It's in Starlington, MD, October 17-19.
>Thanks for the information.  Where is Starlington?  Eastern Shore?

Nope, somewhere north of baltimore, I heard.  Pointless was on the 
Eastern Shore last year, though.

>Why did the name change?  Is it still an East-Atlantia event? I don't get 
>the Acorn, so I haven't read the full description of the event.

I believe that the name change was to try and make the event sound a 
little more important -- after all, 'Pointless War' does sound a little 
self-defeating (although I liked it better than 'Kingdon's Crusdae') . ;-)


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