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October Acorn

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Greetings Unto Lord Rabah!, What follows is my announcement for the
October Acorn.

Greetings and Felicitations unto Atlanta from the Earl Marshal!

Event reports should be in to the Earl Marshal within two weeks of the
event.  Marshals that host events without filing reports will be removed
and knight marshals of groups that host events without filing event
reports will be removed.  The following event reports are missing.

Coronation-Caer Mear; 
Once in a Blue Moon-Bright Hills; 
Bread and Circuses-Black Diamond; 
R event-Marinus; 
Venture Con-Crannog Mor; 
14th Baronial Birthday-Hidden Mountain; 
Celt Wars-Storvik; 
Boat Wars-Buckston; 
Lady Meede-Black Diamond; 
1001 Chocolate Knights-Bordervale Keep; 
Baronial Champions-Storvik
Auxillium et Concillium - Guardians of the Sacred Stone

In working with Mistress Isbella, the Atlantian Minister of the Lists,
we have worked out the following policy for distributing the complete
set of rules governing combat in Atlantia.

Effective November 1st: Each time an authorization card is issued, the
fighter will have an opportunity to request that a complete set of rules
be sent to them.  The Kingdom Minister of Lists will send a copy of the
current version of each rules document to those fighters that wish a
set.  This rules distribution will be funded from the authorization

For authorizations and authorization renewals there will be a $5.00 fee,
a gold card, for everyone.  This would fund the direct distribution of
rules and would fund the direct expenses of the Minister of Lists'
office and the Earl Marshal's office.  Funds in excess of these
expenditures, will go into the Kingdom's general fund.  We will start
with a $5.00 fee.  The fee will be modified yearly to be less than $1.00
per person in excess of all costs.

We are considering the following rule changes and would like comments
from anyone interested.

Effective November 1st:
A) Fighters may authorize in the various weapon forms in any order.
B) All spears must be nine (9) feet long or less.  

Yours in Service to Atlantia,
Richard Fitzgilbert
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