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Obnoxious commentary

Poster: "Efenwealt Wystle" <efen@hotmail.com>

Keilyn said the "P" word! Keilyn said the "P" word!

Principalities are a GREAT idea! So are smaller Baronies! Smaller 
Groups! Diversity! Decentralization! The days of big government are 
over! The voices of the masses will pound like thunder against the walls 
of the nobless, clamoring for justice! "No taxation
without representation! Don't tread on me! No wine before its time! 
Don't squeeze the Charmin!" AHAHAHHHAA! And in the midst of the ensuing 
CHAOS, rising from the smoke and debris, a leader shall emerge. A man 
with miraculous powers and infinite wisdom. No, not Gyrth, not Michael, 
not Anton, not even Olaf, only Efen shall rise as the mighty ruler of 
all with his bloodied spear in his hand and a demented smile on his 
face! There can be only one! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!

*uneasy pause* 

oh, uhm, sorry. I forgot it was a game.
This advertisement has been a paid for by the Committee to elect 
Efenwealt for Emperor.
Ya know, if we played CAMBOK instead holding a Crown Tourney, we could 
all sit the Throne together. But then court would look more like musical 

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