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Re: The University Issue

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <falcone@bellsouth.net>


Stephen Christopher Boggs wrote:
> Poster: Stephen Christopher Boggs <scboggs@erols.com>
> M'Lord's and Ladies,
>         My original intent for offering a query about having University
> in Virginia, was to express my own views.  But it seams that what
> started out as an ill conceived question has turned into a tally of
> which state in Atlantia has the most events.  That was not the purpose
> at all and I feel really bad about it now.
> Cristopharus filius Philippi

Well, stop feeling bad about it.  We are all friends here and lively
discussions that could seem like verbal brawls on the outside, are
really soft and chewy on the inside.  There is little risk here to say
what you feel(unless your part of the OHC).  The whole north/south thing
was at one time a real nasty hole we kept digging -- now it is the
source of lively discussion amongst friends, but it doesn't make us hate
each other.  Why I even saw Keilyn say the "P" word.:0

So don't worry about it.

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