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Re: SCA History

Poster: Otterspur <Otterspur@aol.com>

In a message dated 97-10-23 15:44:14 EDT, hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu writes:

 > Hmmm - I'm not sure of this. As far as I know, BD went from shire to barony
 > (circa 1985) and stayed there. The only group that lost status in BD
 > history is the late Canton of St. Michael's Keep (Roanoke - I think that's
 > the right name), which reformed about eight years later at the Canton of
 > Azurmont. Any of you pre-Stew folk care to comment on this?
 > -Duncan

     Well, as best I can remember, for whatever it's worth...  :-)
    I played quite a bit with Black Diamond in '84 and '85.  Derrick 
 Reeverson (or something that sounds like it should be spelled like
 that :-) was Baron at that time, and I'm fairly sure (not certain, 
 but...) that he succeeded Sir Ishmael as Baron; if so, that would 
 push it back a couple more years, making the early eighties the 
 more likely time frame for elevation.  If I'm wrong and Derrick 
 was the first Baron, that would put it as '83-'84...
    On the other hand, I've lived practically next door in Isenfir 
 since late '74, and don't recall hearing anything about Black Diamond 
 losing Baronial status (though I might have slept through it, I 
 suppose... :-)  (As I recall, Black Diamond was a mostly student 
 group in its early years, with the fluctuating population that entails.  
 I'm reasonably sure there were some tense times when they were worried 
 about losing Baronial status, but again, I don't think that it actually 
 --Landi >>

Black Diamond went Baronial (as opposed to going ballistic) at Otto's
sophomore Ice Castles, sez he. Which would be February 1984. [I 
thought we had the actual petition papers somewhere in our files, but
I must have actually mailed them to some post-us baron/ess like a
good little citizen (but a bad packrat).] Ish was baron first, then Dirik
stepped up close on his heels at the beginning of the following SY.

There were no previous baronial papers on file in the BD logs at the
time Otto and I were privy to them. BD has never lost baronial status
since gaining it in 1984, however. BD baron/esses used to be notoriously
short-tenured, following the basic rule (oh, a friend has such a great
rhyme for it, too...what is it? Freshmen, Sophomores: Come and learn;
Juniors: step up and take a turn; Seniors: get out of the way and let
someone else play? Not quite right, but you get the idea.) I think Marie
and Dave were the longest-lived  of the student B&Bs, is that right, 

Too Young to Have Actually Been There Herself ;^)
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