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Re: SCA History - Black Diamond

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Greetings to Cheapside!

Malcolm wrote:

> I forget what we called the war but it had a name. Does anyone
> remember it? I believe that Sir Gnarlic was ruling Atlantia at
> the time. The war was held on a farm in the mountains of Black
> Diamond. The sides were uneven as to numbers. A force of 14 
> faced of against an army of 23. We (the Storviki) surounded
> our enemy and crushed them. We were the 14. We of course had
> the advantage of practicing melees together while the forces
> with Black Diamond had come from all over the Kingdom and
> from Merides and had no opportunity to practice tactics.

I remember that war well, as it turns out, and I don't remember the
numbers the way you do, Malcolm.  I think the numbers were much closer to
even.  The numbers didn't mean that much, though -- the forces of Storvik
included all the following gentles:
Sir Baudoin (now Duke)
Prince Knarlic (although his princess, Alexis, fought with BD)
Lord Malcolm mac Malcolm
Lord Eric von Charlottenberg (now Knight)
Lord Timothy of Arindale (now Duke)
Lord Stephen of Wolfshaven (now Count)
Sir Strykar, at the height of his powers
Lord Grethfreth (now Knight)

and those are just the nobles that I am _certain_ were there, fighting on
the side of Storvik.  I know this because they were all still alive, and
shouting "Boola-boola!!" when I was the last man left alive of the
glorious (and doomed) forces of Black Diamond.  (No, they did _not_ take
me alive.)

King Richard was not present because the Tir-y-don Baronial Investiture
was the same day, and he had to go there to invest them.

I was carrying the favour of Thjora Arnkitelsdottir.

Dafydd ap Gwystl; known in those days as Dafydd ap Morgan

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