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Re: Lyrics and Greetings

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

The song refered to as "We will go" is probably one called alternately "I
will go" or "Land of MacLeod."  The singer in question was probably, Niall
Dolphin, the artist formerly known as Niall MacFarlane (anyone know his
current address/phone number, by the way?).  Assuming this is the song you
requested, here are the lyrics.  If this is not the actual song you were
thinkning about, here are the lyrics anyway.  I only know it as
"traditional," but in my own opinion it's origins lie in the post-Jacobite
romantic period of the mid 1800's, if not later.


traditional Scottish

CHORUS:  I will go, I will go
	When the fighting is over
	To the Land of MacLeod
	That I left to be a soldier
	I will go, I will go...

I've a buckle on my belt, 
a sword in my scabbard,
A read coat on my back,
and a shilling in my pocket,
I will go, I will go...

When the king's son came along
And called us all together
Sayin, "Brave Hieland men, 
Will ye fight for my father?"
I will go, I will go...

When they put us all on board
The lasses were singing
But a tear came to their eyes
When the bells started ringing
I will go, I will go...

When we landed on the shore
And saw the foreign heather
We knew that some would fall
And stay there forever
I will go, I will go...

When we came back to the glen
Winter was coming
Our gear lay in the snow
And our houses were burning
I will go, I will go...


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