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Poster: Teri Nava-Vaughn <navavaughn@geocities.com>

For the record, I was not so offended by the accusation of being on a
"power-trip" as I am by a TI editor who insists upon "treating" us to
stories of her child's development, even though she's been asked
repeatedly not to.  The woman even has the audacity to recognize that we
don't want to hear it in the Editor's Corner and then continue anyway.
What is this point of:

"Speaking of Owen, I'm going to share an 'Owen Story' with you. It does
not have a moral, nor will I attempt to make it a metaphor for some SCA
activity or issue.  It's just a cute story so stay with me."  

And, why does it belong in TI?

I was also _thrilled_ to hear "I hope your summer was fruitful.  I know
mine was!  My husband and I will be expecting the newest addition..." 
Does her office turn over before we have to hear the joys of child
number two?

C o'Stow
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