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Curia and Unevent

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

The following flyer is being sent out to the seneschals of the Kingdom
with maps to the Unevent site;  note that there was an error in the
directions sent to the Acorn.  (Mea culpa)

Given the delay in the mail expected at this time of year, please make
an effort to let your local groups know of any changes.  I also hope
to have the maps scanned in and on the canton web site
(www.cs.unc.edu/~hudson/sca/) and will send further mail when that is

Giovan Donato

Unevent and Their Atlantian Majesties' Curia
     6 and 7 December, AS 32
Kappellenberg, Barony of Windmasters' Hill:
   Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Unevent will be located in Greenlaw Hall on the campus of the University
of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Meetings at Unevent will run from 10 AM
until 5:30 PM, with a break for lunch.  We hope to have a heraldic
consulting table, and several of the great officers of state will be
holding office hours outside their meeting times for one-on-one
consultations.  We expect to have child care available on Saturday;
please RSVP to the autocrat so we know how many children to expect.

In the evening after Unevent we shall all retire briefly for dinner
at the many restaurants around the area, following which the Canton
and Barony wioll host a postrevel in the Student Union (next door to
the meeting site) from 7 until 11 PM; there will be dancing with live
musicians and a dessert potluck.

The following morning Their Majesties will hold a Cuira, ending by noon.
Our biweekly newcomers' / training fighter practice will be held nearby
at 12:30.

Sir Fern de la Foret is serving as hospitaller;  we will find crash space
for everybody who needs it.  She can be reached at (919) 929-5026, or via
email as SirFern@mindspring.com.

If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to contacrt me.

                       Giovan Donato (Tom Hudson)
                       (919) 967-6526 (H) / 962-1812 (W)

Directions corrected from the Acorn:

Take your best route to I-40 in the RTP area of North Carolina.  Coming
from the east, get off on NC Highway 54 (exit #273B) headed west.  Where
Highway 54 turns, pass UNDER the overpass and continue straight onto
South Rd.  After entering campus and crossing Raleigh St., you will pass
the site on your right (look for a large banner);  continue on past the
Bell Tower on your left and turn left into the Bell Tower parking lot,
which should not charge us for parking. 

Coming from the west, get off on NC Highway 86 headed south.  Pass
downtown Chapel Hill and enter campus; where 86 ends, turn LEFT.  Go
through two stop signs and turn right at the first light (Raleigh St.)
The next light is South St.; turn right there and follow the directions

(The error was in the directions for those coming from the West)

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