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Re: Hello...

Poster: Aimee Alissa Slawinski <aas7d@server1.mail.virginia.edu>

Hi Fionna!  Guess what?  I'm new too, and I was just a 
little too timid to announce myself on the list.  I'm so 
glad that you took the initiative so that I could follow 

So, hello everybody!  My name is Aillínn and I'm fairly new 
to this whole SCA thing, but so far I'm enjoying it 
immensely.  I've only been to one event so far, but I'm 
plaing on going to Masqued Ball and, of course, Twelth 
Night.  I'm a part of the Shire of Isenfir while I'm here 
going to school at UVa but when I go home to Richmond for 
the summer I'm planing on get involved in Caer Mear, too.

As for my interests, I'm really into dancing (which we have 
a  lot of here in Isenfir) and basically everything that 
goes on the SCA.  Well, it was good to get to say hello to 
all you gentles.  Thanks for providing such a fun thing to 
get involved with!
(Aimee Slawinski)

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