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RE: Principality

Poster: "C. J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>

> Poster: Tom Rettie <tom@his.com>
> 1.  What is the relationship between the Crowns (?) of a Principality and
> the Crowns of the parent kingdom?  Is it analogous to a royal/baronial
> relationship, or something different?

Corpora considers the Prince & Princess to be Royalty, under the review of the Crown.  They have the right to make law and policy decisions, which could be struck down by the Crown, but that is more than a Baron/ess can do.  Part of a principality petition would have to include suggested amendments to Kingdom law governing the exact authority that Atlantia would be willing to delegate to a principality coronet.  They can have great autonomy or almost none, according to how generous the Crown wants to be.  Some specifics are dealt with in your later questions.

> 2.  Does a Principality have separate orders (e.g., Pearl, Golden
> Dolphin, etc.)?  If so, how do these relate/interact with kingdom level 
> orders (or do they)?  What about the peerages?

The Principality Coronet has the right to create NON-ARMIGEROUS awards and orders. This is automatic.
The Crown MAY pass a law (and it must be written into law) granting the coronet the right to Award Arms.  It may also grant the Principality the right to create armigerous orders of merit.  If this right is granted, these orders would rank directly below the Kingdom orders of merit.  Remember, that a principality is still part of the parent Kingdom, and the Crown will still bestow awards (Peerages, Court Baronies, Grants of Arms, Orders of Merit, Augmentation of Arms, and non-armigerous orders and awards) upon the subjects of the Principality.  Principality awards do not supplant Kingdom awards.
Finally, the Crown MAY pass a law allowing the Principality Coronets to bestow the current Kingdom Orders of Merit.  This is sometimes done in large Kingdoms, were it is hard for the Crown to recognize all worthy gentles, or if the Principality is geographically far away (like Drachenwald).  It may or may not be a good thing for an Atlantian Principality to have this power.  (And i have NO idea how polling would work in that case!)

> 3.  Does a Principality have separate independent officers, officers who
> serve under kingdom officers, or something else?

Again, the exact relationship would have to be defined in Kingdom law.  The Principality officers would definitely be subordinate to the Kingdom officers, and would be warranted by them.  However, the Crown may reserve the right to appoint all Principality officers, or may delegate that power to the Coronet.  Also, the appointment and warranting of local officers within the Principality could be reserved to the Crown and Kingdom officers, or may be delegated to the Coronet and Principality officers.
> Such information might be useful in an FAQ posted somewhere. 

Yes, such information would be useful, but as you can see, it really raises more questions than it answers.  A Principality can really be anything that we want to make of it, and the rest of the Kingdom (or at least the Crown) are willing to let us make of it.

In service,
Nils Olaffson
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