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Re: Principality

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

Nils Olaffson wrote:

> Corpora considers the Prince & Princess to be Royalty, under the review
> of the Crown.  They have the right to make law and policy decisions,
> which could be struck down by the Crown, but that is more than a
> Baron/ess can do.  Part of a principality petit ion would have to
> include suggested amendments to Kingdom law governing the exact
> authority that Atlantia would be willing to delegate to a principality
> coronet.  They can have great autonomy or almost none, according to how
> generous the Crown wants to be .  Some specifics are dealt with in your
> later questions. 

One thing to remember at this point is that 'the Crown' is not one person
(er, or rather one couple).  Even with the most optimistic timeline, the
Crown who would grant the Principality has yet to be determined.  What
powers the Crown ultimately delegates to the Prince/ess will be determined
by the Principality in cooperation with the Kingdom officers and the
Crowns who reign between then and now.  As such it should (hopefully) be a
compromise that both parties find agreeable. 

Duke Galmr (a card-carrying member of the Undecided Party).

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