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RE: Forward from Earl Dafydd

Poster: "C. J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>

> Poster: LWright740 <LWright740@aol.com>
> Why not two principalities and the two together make up "Greater
> Atlantia" that way the concerns of both regions could be addressed.  It is 
> funny I always hear about the Principality in the north not the south of 
> Atlantia.  Just thought it was worth kicking around.

I think it would be *neat* to have more than one Principality in Atlantia.  However, there are two points to keep in mind:

1) Does the ENTIRE rest of Atlantia (south of the proposed Principality) have a common identity and common bond to form into a single Principality?  I could see another group (say South Carolina & Georgia) forming a Principality, but not everything from Southern Virginia down.

2) I have seen some VERY nasty North/South rivalries in Atlantia in my day.  Tax Assessment Battles in Black Diamond had a name and philosophy change from the original idea because the rivalries were too bitter.  I think Atlantia would suffer from two Principalities that encompassed its entire territory.  Either two Principalities with some groups left over, or three (or more) Principalities, might be fun.

Nils Olafsson
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