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Principality-My $.02 worth

Poster: Shawn Riggin <sriggi1@gl.umbc.edu>

Greetings fellow Atlantians, I pray this message finds you in good health!

  I first want to say that I've only been a member for roughly 3 1/2
years, and my love for this Society has grown ever since my introduction
to this group in the Barony of Black Diamond.  Therefore, the words that I
speak come from the mouth of a wee babe (in SCA time).  But please, pray
heed my words.

  I am now a very active member, hailing from the Canton of Spiaggia
Levantina (Spaghetti Levitators, Spaghetti Leviathan, I've heard them all
:) ).  We are a very tightly-knit group, and I am proud to be a Spiaggian.
But most of all, I am proud to be from the greatest kingdom in all the
Knowne Worlde - Atlantia. When I have conversations with people from other
Kingdoms at the Great Pennsic War, I'm proud to say I am from Atlantia.  I
will be an Atlantian until the day I die.
  I've spoken to people from Northshield and (then principality) 
Aethelmearc, and the first thing they say when I ask them where they're
from is "Aethelmearc" or "Northshield."  In my early days, I would admit
that I didn't know where they were, and asked them what kingdom they were
from.  I would always get answers like "Aethelmearc is a seperate
Principality within the East Kingdom." 
  I know you all are probably saying "what does this mean to me?"  Well,
probably nothing, but my feelings on the whole principalitiy issue is
this:  The opinions from the people I mentioned above always gave me the
impression that their loyalties were to Northshield or Aethelmearc, and
not to their respective kingdoms.  I don't want to see this happen to
Atlantia, the greatest kingdom in the Knowne Worlde.  I think
principalities will only amplify any intra-kingdom rivalries or
ill-feelings that already exist.

In conclusion, my opinion is this: "If it aint' broke, don't try to fix

That's my $.02 worth...

In Service to Fair Atlantia I Remain,

Mundanely:   Shawn M. Riggin                 
In The SCA:  Morgan Wainwright                         "Quarterly argent
             Man-at-Arms to Lord Kaloc von Zwechel      and sable, a wheel
             Canton of Spiaggia Levantina               counterchanged."
             Kingdom of Atlantia                   

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