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bagpipe tunes

Poster: "Steinfeld" <steinfeld@mail.tqci.net>

Unto he pipers of this fair Kingdom does Muirghen send greetings and begs

I am in search of period pipe tunes.  It has been very hard to find
anything that begins to approximate documentation.  In Piobrach, there is
often a story which is all one will have and that will sometimes alude to a
time or individual.  I am trying to build up a bank of tunes that are
period. Have any of you had any success in this?  The only reference I can
find to an "ancient" tune is Brian Baru March, but even then all I have
seen is that it is the "oldest tune recorded".  I believe that any truely
old tunes will have been "recorded" as cannterach(sp) or oral tradition. I
am also seeking information in this area.In service to Crown and Coronet

Muirghen Rhuadh
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