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Re: bagpipe tunes

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

If I remember correctly, the recording _Banks of Helicon_ by the Baltimore
Consort includes one or two tunes on pipes.  The recording is of early
Scottish music, dating from 1500-1700.  It was put out by Dorian Records,
and I'm pretty sure that Lord Efen sells the CD at his merchant booth,
Between the Worlds (Hey, Efen, I'm leaving the door wide open here for you
to put in a shameless plug...)
	The recording is very well researched.  Music for a lot of what
they perform can be found in the _Musica Britanica_, vol. 15.  Most
university libraries should have this available.  If you have trouble
finding it, I know for a fact that WCU has it (I've used it), and it is
available through ILL. 
	Although it does not include any actual music, a good book *about*
music of all classes in medieval Scotland is Farmer's _A History of Music
in Scotland_.  There is a good bibliography of sources for early music on
the SCA minstrel's homepage, also, maintained by Gregory Blount of

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