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Re: Credit where credit is due

Poster: CptnBnytng <CptnBnytng@aol.com>

   It would seem to me that the best solution to the problem of not knowing a
source is to simply say so...and that you wish to acknowledge the unknown
author, and if anyone has that information you would be most happy to be
informed.... that turns it into a win / win / win  situation.... you win for
getting to share it, I win for getting to read it, and someone else gets to
win by helping you increase your knowledge....!!!  No public reprimands or
embarrassment, just the good comraderie that should prevail in this space that
is our fun loving tavern !
   Hey, Sven , where is that serving wench ?   My tankard is empty !   Bring
on the mead !!!
   Any one up for a contest of knife throwing ?   We can use all those notices
on the wall as targets......

   Captain Bunnyetongue
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