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RE: Electronic availability.....

Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

> 	 <snip> 
>>   ..... Why in heavens name is it that things like this that are 
>> needed
>> by members of the populace are NOT available through the electronic
>> medium...
>> ???    There are so many forms for this and that, and so many places 
>> have
>> to keep the addresses for and spend the postage to get...... and 
>> many
>> members of the society on line....

Once you are on-line, you tend to know many more people on line and 
communicate more often with people you know with access than you might to 
those you  know without it.  It's very easy to begin to feel as if the 
majority of people are on-line.   In actuality, people with electronic 
access are a minority and that minority is often a sub-group of those 
living a certain sort of middle class lifestyle. (College students and 
white-collar paper-shufflers.) SCA membership may be scewed toward the 
sort of people with electronic access  but I'm sure the majority of 
members still rely on printed and snail-mailed newsletters,  or their 
seneschal, for this sort of information.  In individual situations, there 
is always the possiblity that something is not on line because the person 
responsible for it is not on-line and never considered that anyone would 
go looking on-line.  


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