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Re: Military Through the Ages

Poster: PDRUSS@aol.com In a message dated 98-02-04 22:50:19 EST, you write: << > Why be sorry? MTTA is a judged event where the various groups compete for the accolade of 'most authentic', and the SCA is its' own thing -somewhere between a costume party and re-enactment but not either. They're both cool, and they're both fun. BTW, MTTA has had a Gulf War group in the past. Erica >> Last time I went was like 3 years ago. When I saw the Vietnan group complete with an America POW tied up in a bambo cage, it gave me the creeps. I remember the Vietnan War and know several people who were there. People that lived throught that hell. We use to have a neighbor (Vietnan vet) who would wake up screaming several times a month, you could hear him all over the neighborhood. I realize that the Middle Ages would certainly be hell to us now, but no one is alive who truly lived it. Who would have memories and nightmares at being reminded. Back to your regularly scheduled program...... Tamara Tamara's Hovel ======================================================================= List Archives, FAQ, FTP: http://merryrose.atlantia.sca.org/ Submissions: atlantia@atlantia.sca.org Admin. requests: majordomo@atlantia.sca.org