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Your request was passed to me by my lovely bride.

As it happens, I was the one to introduce "The Baby Seal" song into the
SCA.  But I learned it in the Ga Tech Band from a Marine ROTC.  I have
no idea of the original author.

The lyrics are as follows:

"The Baby Seal Song"

Way up north where it is cold,
The people ain't got a lot of gold.
They make their livin' 
   off the baby seal skins they've sold.
But me, I like the killin' 
Because its so fulfillin' 
And I hate to see a baby seal grow old.

You don't kill a seal
'Cause you want a meal.
You do it cause you wanna hear 
    the little suckers squeal.
You hit 'em on the head 
And you do it just for kicks.
Then you poke out their eyes 
   with your eye-pokin' sticks.

My father was a little mean.
My mother was a bit obscene.
Maybe that's the reason 
   for the way that I feel.
You may not believe me
But my girlfriend wants to leave me.
So I guess I'll take it out
   on a baby seal


The liberals want to lock me up
Because I kill the seal pups 
And tie their skins up 
   into little bales.
They say that it won't be too long
Before the baby seals are gone.
Then I guess I'll just start 
   wipin' out the whales.


Slice 'em. Dice 'em. Roto-till 'em.
Chop 'em up.  Or just plain kill 'em
The skin comes off 
   with just a little peel.  (rip! rip!)
Now people, people, don't you cry 'cause
I know that when I die
I'll be comin' back 
   as a baby seal.


Enjoy it!

--Pascal Merredy
--Dan Carey

> ----------
> Since we are talking about songs here lately, I was wondering if
> anyone knows
> of a song they use to sing in the shire of  Oldefeld, Trimaris, I
> think it was
> called "the Baby Seal Song". If so, do you have the words?
> Tamara
> pdruss@aol.com

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