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Re: Military Through the Ages

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Sue Singley wrote
>> Word has spread that Jamestown, VA is hosting an annual event called 
Military Through the Ages.
>> People who specialize in military re-enacting arrive, set up 
appropriately period camps and demonstrate various methods of butchering 
historical foes.

Absolutely True.  March 21 and 22 (You needn't go both days if you want) 
at Jamestown Settlement in Jamestown, Virginia (This is NOT the National 
Park on the actual Jamestown site.  It's next door--the place with the 
three ships.)

Units are lined up in chronological order from Romans and Celts through 
Vikings and Normans and all the way up to the modern Virginia National 
Guard.  There are usually three or four merchants on site selling items 
of interest to re-enactors.

This is a competition for the units in overall camp accuracy, costume, 
cooking, tactical manoevers, judges' choice and People's choice.  This 
competition is why some of us hand-sew each seam.  The judges look for 
stuff like that.

Cost to get in is the same as any other visit to Jamestown.  I think 
it's $8 - $10.

It's TONS of fun, both for re-enactor and visitor.

Unfortunately, it's also on top of Prince Michael and Princess Seanid's 
coronation.  So the SCA re-enactors at MTA will be missng that.  But the 
rest of you can come on Sunday!

   - Anarra

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