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RE: Northern pricipality

I am truly sorry that incorrect information was put forth as fact 
before a group of people.  As I stated in an earlier post to the 
principality list, I have never before heard the two year time line 
discussed in Windmasters.  And since I take the meeting minutes, I pay 
closer attention than most.

I don't know who thinks that the "south" cannot "stand on their own", 
but I see two problems with that statement:

1-A Principality is still part of it's Kingdom:  They still owe 
allegiance to the Crowns and will still serve the Crowns -The "south" 
will not be alone.  And contrary to what you've heard, we're not going 

2-Whoever said that has much less faith in the peers, fighters, and 
artisans in the areas outside of the TNNP than I do.  It does them a 
grave disservice, and is a slap in the face to their honor and skills. 
 There are many dozens of peers and others to lead and teach in VA, 
NC, and SC (and GA).  Talented people, from whom I have learned much, 
and hope to continue to learn from.

As for the movement being centered on one group, that is simply not 
the case.  People from  Bright Hills, Highland Foorde, Lochmere, Dun 
Carriag, Stierbach, Ponte Alto, and yes, Storvik, are all working 
together on this proposal.  And folk from these groups are from a 
variety of backgrounds, including different households, peers and 
non-peers, fighters, artisans, and bureaucrats (e.g. seneschals, 
exchequers, etc).

I recognize that one message is not enough to  change what are clearly 
deeply felt convictions, but I hope I have given you some much-needed 
correct information.

Yours in Service

Ponte Alto

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Spears, Kate wrote:
> Poster: "Spears, Kate" <KSpears@fdic.gov>
> I am sorry you see us as wanting to leave the kingdom;

Magnus Malleus replies:

Just so you'll know - What Bryce said is exactly the way some of
us in the South see this. He's not alone. I am not that eloquent
so I'll be more direct and openly honest. I'll spare the
Merryrose this. Further on I'm sure it will be discussed there.

At the Windmasters' Hill Baronial Meeting we were informed by a
very senior old member of the kingdom that it is TNNP's intention
to go Kingdom within two years. There were about 80 people there
last month. (We've read Daffyd's dissertation about the East
Kingdom's problems and spalling off new kingdoms.) We were also
informed that the South is probably too deficient in peers to
survive as a kingdom. You also have the greatest population
concentration. So our votes may not count as much in the poll.
You may very well outvote us in this matter.

Thank you all for thinking of us. Why should those of us down
here want to start all over trying to build and save our
kingdom because your interests are so self-involved? I remember
when this kingdom was 'trying to survive' the first couple of

I very much held Daffyd in high regard until all this got started.
Frankly, we admired him. Now I wonder at his motives.

I can't see anything good of this coming for the southern half
and a great deal of harm and hurt feelings the farther south you
go. I could certainly understand if SC split off to go with
Meridies or Trimaris they are so thinly spread down there. To me,
after 16 years, it still looks like another case of Storvik centered
oneupsmanship. Your engineer hasn't considered the rest of
us and it looks like your train is going to go where it wants to.
The rest of the kingdom may be pulled apart like a flower's petals.

Those of us in NC will survive because we have the numbers, but
principally in the middle two quarters of the state. If we had
twice the numbers down here it might be feasible, not now at all.

Personally, I despise and resent the whole proposal.
It seems like rape, or treachery, *not* love of Atlantia at all.
When Daffyd says he *loves* Atlantia now he makes my skin crawl.

This is not meant to insult you personally, merely a statement
of how some of us see it. So don't be individually hurt by
my opinion, but it's how I honestly feel about the proposal.

Bryce is right. It is not fair to the rest of the kingdom, and
it will pull us apart. Damn the principality. Support Atlantia.
Don't tear her heart out - that's what you're doing, admittedly
or not. There can be no other legitimate reason for the TNNP.

Magnus Malleus, OL, etc.,  Windmasters' Hill and the GDHorde
 - normally not argumentative in the least, and WE have
supported this kingdom for 16 years, making a library and
until very recently an armory available (to be back on line)
on a weekly basis all that time to all those who needed them.