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Re: Northern pricipality

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Miri wrote:

>So far I've heard:

>1) Another hat to vie for- nice, if you fight...
>2) More courts- to be honest that doesn't grab me, but then I'm not a
>court junkie.
>3) Somehow this will bring about more recognition- um, if it's not
>happening with the local baronies, I'm not sure how it will happen 
>with a principality.
>4) More local unified spirit- I'll admit I haven't travelled much in
>this northern region, but I can't really see how a new principality
>would make folks who haven't travelled in this region before, gung ho 
>to do so...when I travel, I usually go south...

The biggest reason I'm for a Principality in the north is more spiff 
more often.  More pagentry.

Advantages to the rest of Atlantia:  The Coronet can take over some of 
the duties of the Crown, at the Crown's discretion.  For example, 
Baronial investitures (which now happen at most every four years, 
sometimes sooner, in every single Barony in the Kingdom).

Theoretically a more unified fighting group coming out of TNNP and 
fighting for Atlantia at wars.  That doesn't mean that every northern 
fighter will fight with TNNP, any more than it means every (for example) 
Bright Hills fighter fights with Bright Hills.  But the potential for 
regional focus is there.  Moreso than now.

Disadvantages to the rest of Atlantia:  Some people in TNNP will 
contract their activity.  They won't drive south as much.  That's 
happening already and is a result of more events nearby. (Ditto for 
southerners not driving north.)

Some people in TNNP will, of course, continue to go to events all over 
the Kingdom.

I've lived in two principalities--An Tir and Cynagua.  They are a good 
thing for a Kingdom, not a bad one.


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