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Re: TNNP Discussion Suggestion

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Baroness Catherine de Bellefleur wrote a suggestion:

> Since so many of those here in the tavern do not want to be burdened with
> the details of the Principality discussion, but knowing that it is good
> to know generally what is going on, I have a suggestion.  Would it be
> possible for someone in the Principality Room to send a summary of the
> discussions, say weekly, to the Merry Rose?

There might be as many as 300 messages in a week on the principality
forum, at least on a busy week.  If it takes only four minutes per message
for an expert summarizer to read each message and write a synopsis of what
is said, that is a total of 20 HOURS of effort (for a busy week).  And
creating an _accurate_ summary of text is a very hard task, and more so
when it is about a subject which can stir strong emotions.

If anyone wishes to be better informed about the principality movement
without having the time to follow the P-list, there are a couple of
options.  For those who can get on the web, there is the website at
The website has the minutes of past general meetings and other
information, and an archive of everything that's been posted to the
P-list (one or two weeks behind, naturally enough).

The other alternative is to subscribe to the print bulletin.  The bulletin
includes meeting information, formal announcements, the minutes of the
previous meeting, and miscellanea as appropriate.  Subscriptions are
available from Craig Greenbaum (7806 Cole Ave. Takoma Park, MD 20912) for
$6 per year.  Send your modern and SCA name and mailing address.

Finally, news items (e.g., announcements like the date/time/place of
upcoming meetings) will be posted on the Merry Rose.  They will also be in
the Acorn.


Dafydd ap Gwystl
Steering Committee chair

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