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Re-enactors, liability, and the law

Poster: Orendil@aol.com

Greetings to those assembled here this fine day.........

While perusing the Friday Washington Times, I noticed an article in the
Maryland News section regarding a bill before the Maryland House Environmental
Matters Committee.

Delegates Dana Dembrow (Montgomery County) and John Donoghue (Washington
County) are sponsoring a 'bill to protect farmers from liability, so long as
they are not paid for the historical re-enactments that are part of an
educational or cultural program.' 

The intent appears to be focused on such activities as Civil War battle re-
enactments and the like. The article notes that participants all need to sign
waivers for these events - but there is always the "What happens if somebody
slips through and doesn't sign a waiver?"

Is there anyone out there with more knowledge of this bill? It obviously is
not targeted at the sort of events we generally do, but it would be
interesting to know if there could be any benefit in this for our
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