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Re: Yurt

Poster: "Sherri Scheid" <cheval@ivic.net>

>Does anyone know who makes Yurts for SCA type use?
picked this up on Rec. org. news

In article <6cnfjp$nn3@nntp02.primenet.com>,
Dennis O'Connor <dmoc@primenet.com> wrote:
>James Morrow wrote in message <6cn38e$7eb@bgtnsc02.worldnet.att.net>...
>|  Where can I buy one Please?
>I recall searching the WWW ma few months ago and
>finding a place that makes ghers (AKA "yurts").  They
>were more oriented to the modern "alternative lifestyle"
>lifestyle than to ME recreation.  Try AltaVista.

Yes, these are generally modern gers and not meant to be portable at all.
They're less like nomadic gers and more like the yurts of western Russian
that were built on foundations and even sometimes had sod roofs.

>Panther Pavilions will sew the canvas for a gher,
>but they don't build the (complex) framework.

It's good to know that Panther will sew the canvas, since without an
industrial strength sewing machine this can be a daunting task. The roof
alone for a 15' diameter yurt will be around 22' in diameter since it has
to hang down the side of the yurt and be caught under the belly band.

As for the (complex) framework and roof ring, these can be built easily in
one's basement with hand tools. The khana ends being six pieces that fold
up to ten inches wide by eight feet long and unfold to 5'6" by seven feet
long. The roof ring is really the most complex construction, and I'll be
modifying my plans (now going to Mark III) yet again, having recently
built one under the Mark II style of construction.

For more information go to: www.access.digex.net/~corun/mongpage.html

This site is still under construction, but plans can be downloaded from

In service,

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