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Re: A Simple Request...

Poster: Izofgold@aol.com

I have to agree, and after talking to M'Lady Rowen (we both have aol and can
do real time chat and she is hopefully coming to Bright Hills Garb Wars to
allow us to make amends and bathe her in our delightfullness!), I have to
admit that I too get caught up in the running amok during events and forget my
basic manners and bustle by people without paying attention as to the heavy
burden they are moving, or the stuff they are unpacking that is very
cumbersome.  These manners are something that no one should be without (much
like fighters don't go around without "that" protection, sewers without their
needles, cook's without their pots, etc...).  When I became interested in the
SCA one of the first things I was told and taught was Chirvalrous Manners 101,
then later, Chivalrous Manners 202, the advanced how too's....  This was a
great things for new people!

Perhaps, at a future event, there can be a large class (or several throughout
the day) of the same classes, as reminders, and that everyone attend at least
once to remind themselves of what it is like to be kind, caring, and
mannerable regardless if they are peers or not (I have been around many peers
who are snobbish and rude so that I dare will not go near them to ask
questions about something for fear of being bitten by their rudeness).
However, there are a lot of great people out there in the Known World that are
- as seen by these emails - still beliveing in the old ways and are more than
happy to show Rowen and her husband, that yes, it still exsists....

Lady Gwyneth MacDonagh,
Lady-in-Waiting to the Baroness
Ekaterina of Bright Hills
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