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Re: Medieval rudeness

Poster: Otterspur@aol.com

In a message dated 98-02-23 18:52:09 EST, Odinson13@aol.com writes:
         Lyanna writes:
<< << Oh, I believe (not sure though) SCA law prohibits smoking in the main
  area of an event. I'm
  sure some corpora junkies can look this one up.  I think we should urge
  those who are responsible for upholding
  SCA law should enforce this one. >>
 We had this discussion a few months ago in response to my question on the
 subject. I also looked the law up. Basically it states no in the main area I
 beleave. seems fairly easy to understand and seems that it would be fairly
 easy to enforce.

Yes, it is in kingdom law that participants must not smoke in the main
area of the event, including the hall, the fighting field, etc. This doesn't
that everyone is going to *remember* all the time. I think that instead of
appointing a nebulous "someone" as enforcer, we should take responsibility
for that sort of thing upon our own shoulders. 

A polite, private reminder to an individual will go a long way towards
encouraging people to follow the rules. Most smokers I know are VERY
polite about it, and on the infrequent occasion that any of them have
absent-mindedly lit up around the group outside, a polite word on the
side has elicited VERY polite response in turn. 

I am not a smoker, but I know some awfully nice smokers who have gone
to great lengths to be polite about it, including His Majesty Logan.

I think that for me one of the last laws in the Atlantian law book (not
counting the appendices) speaks highly towards our taking responsibility
for our environment in this way (I paraphrase): No subject of the kingdom 
shall knowingly allow the royalty to break the law nor knowingly advise 
them in such a way that will lead them to break the law.

This says to me that if the king, of all people, accidentally lights up
in the wrong place, it is our DUTY to politely and privately remind him
where he is. And if it is our duty under law to keep the *royalty* straight, 
it is that much MORE our duty to everyone else who does *not* hold royal

Sure, it would be great if everyone would remember where they were
at all times, but sometimes I accidentally fart in public, and everyone
forgives me :^)

branwynn ottersby

Incidentally, if you can't approach someone who is smoking because you
have too severe an allergy to get near them, let me know. I will be 
happy to go talk to them on your behalf. I'll be the beefy lady fighter
in blue gouttes trying not to fart.
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