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Re: A Simple Request...

Poster: MORGANNDLF@aol.com

On Rowen's remarks on the two topics of (1) smoking and (2) rudeness at SCA
events - I completely agree!  

Smoking - personally being quite allergic, I have a hard time being around
smokers in any situation.  In the SCA, however, there is not only the allergy
issue to deal with, but also the fact that a modern cigarette in the hands of
someone who is attending an event (where the whole idea is a re-creation of a
time where there were no such things as cigarettes existed) is visually
jarring.  To me, it's along the same lines as Pepsi bottles on the table
(another one of my pet peeves). I understand your need to smoke, and do not
condemn you for it.  But please, find yourself a private spot away from the
major traffic in which to do it.

Rudeness -  Being somewhat of an "old timer" in the SCA (my first event was
back in 1979 or so), I was first attracted to our fair Society by the
principles of Courtesy that I saw exhibited when attending events.  While the
fighting was important, the ideals of chivalry and courtesy were equally so.
One thing led to another in my mundane life, and I took a break from the SCA
that ended up lasting about six years.  I have been back for a little over a
year,  and I find myself appalled at some of the behavior that I see now at
events. I've been witness to (and on the receiving end of) verbal shortness to
the point of rudeness, lack of respect for others, and an unwillingness to
"play the game."  As an example:  My husband (who had never been to an event
before) and I attended an event about a year ago. We unload our gear,
including a fairly heavy feast chest.  So here we are, one on each end of this
thing, and I'm obviously struggling unsuccessfully to carry my portion of the
load. We pass a number of good strong healthy gentlemen, who proceed to ignore
us and continue their conversation (even after I had said, "excuse me, my
lord" as we hauled the box past them).  A few years ago, it would have been
unthinkable to let a lady pass by without offering to lend a hand.

Now, I realize that this is a minor example (and since these days I have found
people quick to judge, am afraid that I will only sound like I'm whining!),
but... this is not an isolated incident.  Like Rowen, I am met more often with
rudeness that moves me to tears, and I am sad for what this fair Society has
become. However, I am not willing to give up on what once was, for me, the
pursuit of the Dream.

It doesn't have to be this way. Courtesy should be important to all of us,
whether we are peers of the realm, or have just joined, whether it's our first
year, or our twentieth. In fact, you who are our Peers of the Realm should
hopefully realize that you are our example.  By acting with discourtesy you
only teach those around you to do the same.  As Rowen ferch Rhys states, "So
what I ask is this:  Please be aware of those around you and give those who
are not familiar to you the respect which should be synonymous with the SCA so
that all may enjoy their experience whether it is thier 1st or their 100th

In service to fair Atlantia,

Morgaine de la Flamme, Baroness of the Court, Companion of the Pearl
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