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Re: A Simple Request...

Poster: Brian Matthews <wilthain@worldnet.att.net>

Poster: Izofgold@aol.com

>I have to agree, and after talking to M'Lady Rowen (we both have aol and
>can do real time chat ....
 actually anyone ( with internet access ) can , just get AOL's instant Messenger
(  http://www.aol.com/aim/home.html  )

 RowenRhys@aol.com wrote:
........watch the fighting, I had to

> constantly keep moving away from people smoking very close to the field.  I
> take great pride in my garb and do not wish it to reak of smoke while just
> trying to participate in the normal ongoings of events........
> My 2nd issue deals with a general rudeness which both my husband and I have
> experienced of late.  Take the following example:
> At Stierbach Elevation yesterday (which in itself was a marvelous event with
> an astounding feast) my husband was using the restroom when someone who wanted
> to make some calls on their cell phone came in and demanded that it was the
> Autocrat's Office......

On the first:
I must humbly apologize for my fellow smoke - aholics , personally I try  ( but
sometimes forget ) to stay downwind or abstain in close quarters . However , it
would be of enjoyment to many if autocrats would set up an indoor / sheltered
designated smoking area at events , so those with this most pernicious of
addictions can imbibe without having to brave the elements or disturb others to do
so .
On the second :
Once again , personally , I turn off my pager at events ( or at least put it on
vibrate )  , and while I do not have a cell phone , If the gentle who was so rude
to your lord is so important as to * need * to be in constant contact with the
outside world , so to speak , mayhaps he should invest in a cell phone that either
has voice mail or vibrating modes . The demand he vacate the rest room has no
legitimate grounds , even if he was the autocrat .As well, it is annoying to no
end to hear one of the aforementioned devices disturb a herald , speech , story ,
etc. , at an event .

                             In service.....
                            Wilthain Westbram
                    *BrianThain on AOL IM service

"An idea isn't responsible for those who believe in it."
  Don Marquis

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