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courtesy and smoking

Poster: CptnBnytng@aol.com

  Good gentles;

   As we are discussing a subject i already on I will say nothing of my views
on the common rudeness prevalent ... but it does come up again for me in this
subject of smoking. 
   There seem to be more than one catagory of discussion here; first is the
politicly correct catagory, wherein it is simply not accepted to force another
person to breathe your tobacco smoke. I cannot argue with that.   Second is
the legal catagory, wherein by both mundane law and society it is not allowed
to smoke in certain places.   We must bear that burdon who feel the need for
the weed.   The catagory of discussion with which I take acception is the one
that simply objects to smoking period !   well, i hate to shatter your
ilusions,  but smoking was period !
   Smoking of tobacco was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 when he
saw the Arawak indians of 'Hispaniola' ( the Dominican Republic ) smoking a
cultivated plant in a tube called a "tobago".   This plant, by Columbus named
tobacco, was cultivated by the Spanish in the 1530's,  was widely used all
over Europe shortly after the middle of the century, and by 1600 was used
pretty much over the entire known world, and was finally smoked in the
presence of Queen Elizibeth by Sir Walter Rawley (one of many spellings he
used).  It was a common sight to behold in any major metropolitan city well
within the period that is officially embraced by our society.   
   So lets not let this discussion proceed to denounce smoking per se
authenticity or its place at events.  If there is any quarrel beyond personal
distaste ( do we really want to open up a free for all on gripes about
personal tastes ?) or legal issue, it can only be to be courteous not to force
our smoke into other peoples lungs, for reasons of their health 
   To the point of authenticity of smoking,  I might suggest to those of us
who must smoke to perhaps take up their habit in a period style pipe, thus not
even the nazi's can give legitimate complaint as long as we are courteous.

   In service to the populace,
   Captain bunnyetongue 
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