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Re: Number of Peers (was: recognizing peers)

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Kevin of Thornbury wrote:
> Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>
> many waters cannot quench love wrote:
> >
> > which also leads me to wonder - what's the proportion of pelicans to
> > laurels to knights in atlantia?  i guess the easiest way to figure it out
> > would be comparing the numbers of people who get pollings for each
> > order...  are they roughly equivalent?
> As of November 1997, when last the On-Line Order of Precedence was
> updated:
> Laurel:         86
> Pelican:        57
> Knight:         75

That's a useful starting number but then we need to look at the number
that are actually active or still in Kingdom or whatever.  I skimmed the
A's (hey, I'm at work and they actually expect me to get stuff done) and
I was able to spot 3 Pelicans, 6 Laurels and 3 Knights who are listed in
the OP but no longer play or are no longer in Atlantia or are never seen
except once in a blue moon.

So the actual numbers are probably much lower.  When I did my 'off the
cuff' count for Peers north and south of the proposed principality area,
I came up with about 15 each, north & south, and that doesn't include
the half-dozen/8 that are in Caer Mear/Isenfir.  But, being Statistics
Woman, lessee:

Active or mostly active...

Laurels: James, Daniel, Dafydd, Igor, Fevronia, Volodimir, Allasondrea,
Deirdre, Keilyn, Melisande, Caterina, Baudoin, Teleri, Niall, Gyrth,
Jeanne, Chirhart, Tristan, Thorbrandr, Anne, Celynen, Jaelle, Aelfred,
Maelgwn, Helen, Thjora, Geoffrey, Grace, Snaeulf (formerly Ross), Shrew,
Terafan, Robyyan, Branwynn, Isobel, Michael, Seonaid, Aelfred, Judith,
Rebekah, Brok, Clare, Eldrid, Magnus, Vortigern, Tannis

Knights: Galmr, Richard, Baudoin, Dafydd, Gyrth, Adenwald, Harald,
Xenophon, Thorbrandr, Amalric, Corby, Iain, Bertrand, Michael, Quentin,
Godfried, Gunther, William, Duncan, Logan, Timoch, Keegan, Anton, Cuan,
Aelfred, Fern, Otto, Steffan, Wulfbrand, Richard, Christian, Tancred,
Kai, Edwyn, Douglas, Havordh, Volodimir, Tnek, Shinowassee (whatever his
new name is....), 

Pelicans: Dafydd, Gyrth, Richard, Caterina, Allasondrea, Melisande,
Elizabeth, Aryanna, Kiri, Philip, Rose, Herveus, Jaelle, Adelicia, Bran,
Fern, Anne, Malcolm, Judith, Thomas, Adendra, Isbella, Ceridwen, Cara,
Lorna, Valdemar (? on activity), Tannis, Tnek, Megara

Plus I know there are a couple of  Knight/Laurel couples that have moved

So thats:

Laurels: 45
Knights: 39
Pelicans: 29

I've probably missed a couple, but not many. 

And in answer to Anne's post in between, yes, there are some overlaps. 

Stats Woman
(As opposed to Elizabeth, Our Lady of Statistics & Records)
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